Tuesday October 23 , 2018

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 Dextron Engr. Ltd.


Dextron Engineering Ghana was set up to be active in the Ghanaian and African market. With a fast growing manpower and an increasing list of accomplishments achieved through quality, professional services delivered by our qualified engineers, we have established ourselves as a key player in the country’s Power Sector through our Transmission Line Engineering.

Our Transmission Engineering group has ample experience in the design and engineering of transmission lines. Our engineers and designers use state-of-the-art design tools and work closely with the structural engineers to ensure the most economic solutions for new transmission lines construction as well as existing transmission lines upgrades. The deliverables of any of our designs comes complete with thorough material and construction specifications that reduce risk for the client as well as the material manufacturer or contractor, resulting in low delivered material cost and low final construction costs. Our affiliation with international associations helps our engineers stay in tune with fresh ideas and most cost effective solutions.

Dextron Engineering Ghana uses a disciplined project management approach to develop and deliver these projects on time and within budget. Our integrated project management team organizes and manages the full range of services necessary, to effectively estimate, budget and schedule each project from the master planning phase through operations.

Due to our large volume purchases and excellent relations with our suppliers, we acquire and deliver the right materials, at the right time and at the lowest cost, and we do it better than anyone else. This has been proven on our numerous projects across Ghana and in Africa, making a difference between success and failure. Our quality control during construction results in transmission lines and substations that meet and often exceed electrical performance criteria requirements.

Dextron Engineering Ghana has a special team that effectively and extremely handles the siting and permitting of transmission lines and substations, considering all possible and existing human and natural/environmental factors. Their professionalism and experience has seen Dextron Engineering Ghana successfully site, permit and construct many substations in both rural and urban areas across Ghana.

Some of our services include:

  •          Power distribution (up to750kV)

  •          Emergency generators

  •          Uninterruptible power supply systems

  •          Power factor correction

  •          Substation design and specification

  •          Short-circuit analysis

  •          Load flow analysis

  •          Lighting requirements and control

  •          Grounding and ground-faults investigations

  •          System protection

  •          Rectifier and transformer equipment specification

  •          System commissioning