Tuesday October 23 , 2018

Transmission lines :: Refineries :: Petrochemical Plants :: Pipelines :: Tank farms :: Industrial constructions





DEXTRON has the capability to provide consulting services, and undertake turn-key contracts for both onshore and offshore oil and gas operations. Our high-tech engineering capabilities allow us to provide complete in-house engineering support to our field operations.

DEXTRON provides;
  • -          Processes piping system design for water, oil, steam, other liquids, gases, chemicals and refrigeration.
  • -          Jacketed piping design and cryogenic piping design
  • -          Utility piping, including sanitation and water treatment and facility support systems
  • -          System analysis, including piping stress and network flow analysis
  • -          Piping flexibility analysis, including FRP, lined, metallic piping, and fibreglass reinforced pipe
  • -          High and low pressure flow control systems
  • -          Pump house design
  • -          Water treatment systems
  • -          Filtration and pollution control systems
  • -          Gas handling and feed distribution systems