Tuesday October 23 , 2018

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Tank farms

Tank Farms

DEXTRON has the capability and talent to assist its clients in developing the basic ideas into workable plants, to translate concepts into practical solutions, which fit specific economic needs. 

From retrofit and replacement to totally new process, equipment and facility design, DEXTRON provides a full spectrum of services for design engineering and project management. Beginning with design concept and feasibility studies, DEXTRON provides specialized services for all phases of project development.

DEXTRON can supply design works for all specialities involved: Process, Piping, Instrumentation, Electrical, Fire fighting and Civil works, for any type of LPG/LNG storage, at any project phase.

 DEXTRON provides; 


  • -          Basic engineering studies
  •  -          Detail engineering 
  • -          Technical assistance during erection and start-up
  • -          Technical consulting to revamp operating storage
  • -          Procurement
  • -          LPG bottling stations


Our storage facilities are equipped with advanced control instruments, complex safety devices, leaks detection and fire fighting system